OPEN CALL to Performance Artists

The Cyprus International Performance Art Society is thrilled to invite artists from all over the world to participate in the 4th Cyprus International Performance Art Festival 2016, for the creation of an innovative event held in the very heart of the island in June.

A 7-day site-sensitive workshop held by Cyprus based performance artist, and founder of the CIPAF, Christina Georgiou, will take place prior to the festival’s public event. The aim is to build connections between nature, art and people. Our world is rapidly changing due to manmade influences and in the subsequent demand for effectivity and production we tend to disconnect from nature. We underestimate both the powers and vulnerabilities of the natural world, and the connections we share.

With this event we are seeking ”New Synchronicities” through artistic means in order to rekindle and shape a new relationship – a new synchronicity – with our environment.

The intention is to work and live collectively on the mountain site, and from this process devise new performance art works that will be presented to the audience during the public part of the festival, which takes place on the 11th and 12th of June 2016.


Workshop description: This 7-day intensive and experiential workshop is based on the techniques applied and given within the “SenseSelfEssence” series of workshops by Christina Georgiou in relation to the theme of the festival: ”New Synchronicities: (no)one’s action, everyone’s celebration”. This workshop combines a number of practical exercises focusing on Performance Art as a conceptual form of art that exists between image and praxis. The aspiration is to obtain experiential perception through an empirical process that connects the self and it’s existence to the “here and now”.

The approach of this workshop is to examine body-mind processes and the person as an individual and collective entity through interactions with the other (people, space, object, environment). It concentrates on the connection of physical and mental actions in relation to real-time and space, and the constant process of witnessing and observing the Self. It also focuses on the construction of presence through energy work in order to transmit intensity channeling to the spectator. And to connect with one’s self through finding one’s authentic action and developing awareness and sensorial abilities through a constant connectivity of inner and outer consciousness.

This workshop aims to offer practical and theoretical keys for the development and process of the artists’ work by using the body and Self as basic elements of the intended action. The participants will be able to work on the compositional aspects of creating a performance piece through the exploration and understanding of time, space/site and object in relation to their main tool: the body. The workshop is constructed to increase and utilise personal insight and intuition, while building confidence and decisiveness for the artist’s artistic practice.

The workshop’s methodology employs practical exercises, short solo and group performances, theoretical analysis, constructive commentaries, group and individual discussions, reflections, feedback and individual tutoring. Exercises and Techniques are mainly invented and initiated by Christina Georgiou, or inspired by a wide range of techniques and/or concepts from the arts, psychoanalysis and spirituality: Mental and Physical exercises, Breathing techniques, Authentic Movement, Body and Object, Body and Space and Time, Dynamics of the Action and the Voice (duration, intensity, rhythm, release), Sound and Color Therapy, Synesthesia, Temporality, Interactivity, Perception, Sensations, Presence, Emotion and Flow.

8-10 artists will be selected to partake in the workshop and therefore to the public event of the festival.

Dates of the workshop and the public event: 4th – 12th of June 2016 (artists’ arrival on the 3rd and departure on the 13th of June 2016)

Submission procedure: We welcome submissions from artists from all levels of experience and at any stage of their career, working within Performance Art and other forms of contemporary performance, interdisciplinary and body-based art and practices. We are interested in artists whose work is site-specific, but we also welcome submissions from artists who wish to expand their practice by attending this shared experience with, and about, the natural surroundings.

Please submit the following:
1. A single PDF document containing:
• Contact details: Name of the artist, Postal address, Email address, Telephone number, Website.
• Short biography of the artist (max. 200 words)
• Short Statement: Let us know about your practice and the reasons you would like to be part of the workshop and festival by indicating your connection and interest in its context and your openness to be part of. Please state also how you could contribute to the group. (max. 500 words)
• Up to five links to relevant works
2. Up to five related or representative images of recent works (no larger than 1 MB each)

*Before submiting your work it is essential that the interested artists first read the concept of the 4th edition of the CIPAF festival here

CIPAF will provide the facilitated workshop, working site, living space and living facilities within a camping site, vegetarian meals (artists are kindly asked to make a donation for their food), some materials for their work, help from the CIPAF team and volunteers, and transportation within Cyprus.

A letter of invitation will be sent to the selected participants to aquire travel grants. Unfortunately CIPAF is unable to support the artists on their travel expenses.

Thank you very much for your submission and we wish you the best of luck!

The Cyprus International Performance Art Festival (CIPAF) is the first and only festival in Cyprus dedicated exclusively to Performance Art. Every year this innovative Performance Art festival accommodates a number of performance artists from around the globe, presenting their work under a specific theme.

CIPAF exists under the umbrella of the Cyprus International Performance Art Society (CIPAS)

Cyprus International Performance Art Society (CIPAS) is a non-profit/ non-governmental organization created for and dedicated to Performance Art. This initiative brings together, supports and promotes the work of performance artists from around the globe, through activities that take place in Cyprus throughout the year.