Festival of Gambling Online in US, Is It Legal or Illegal?

All people in the world know that US is one of the largest festival of gambling cities in the world with Las Vegas as the focal point. What about gambling online? Is it popular too in US or illegal? Somehow, online casino has become the popular discussion topic for years and basically, millions of people have already engaged in betting online all over United States. There were no many laws about in in particular so the residents really don’t know whether it is legal or not in US.

Is It Really Safe to Play Gambling Online in US Legally?

The US residents are also difficult to know about the legal right to play and access the casino online with real money. Shortly, the federal government never prohibits any access to sbobet online or ban people to do gambling online. Until now, US residents are so free to access even the offshore sites or aboard to play their favorite casino games from the most comfortable place they stay right now such as home. However, some people might be so confused about one thing which is call “UIGEA”.

This is the law which has been passed by the former US President George Bush back in 2006. UIGEA stands for The Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act and this law didn’t actually make the online casino illegal for those who live in US. On the opposite, UIGEA made this illegal for some people. The impact was people can’t use any bank transaction to deposit such as debit and credit cards, bank transfer or even other electronic banking to fund their activities to play casino online.

What people need to know now before accessing and also playing online casino understand the law of UIGEA first. Back in 2006 before the UIGEA came through, most offshore sites accepted many players from US. When the UIGEA was passed, the casinos had to decide on whether that will continue to accept the players from US or not. As the result of this law, there were many sites banned US residents and the providers too restricted the access to the operating sites for US members.

Understanding About UIGEA, The Law of Gambling Online in US

The first software provider that withdrew from US market in 2006 was Cryptologic. Meanwhile, other gambling companies followed the suit to leave the US market such as 888, Boss Media, Microgaming, PartyPoker and Playtech. Microgaming can be said as the one gambling company that chose the unique method to approach UIGEA. They banned about 11 states but Microgaming allowed people from other 39 states in remaining to access the online poker and casino sites freely with no limit.

However in 2008, Microgaming chose to stop accepting US residents because of the payment issues. While the UIGEA could not make gambling online and betting online illegal, it did kept making people difficult to find the sbobet sites with the supported methods of payment. UIGEA was surrounded by the biggest issue of payment processes because even eWallet had stopped accepting the US members except Neteller. Online betting was not come to the end but this law never made it illegal.

However, it was indeed to make 2/3 gaming companies withdrew from US market and they created the black market instead for online betting and casino. Though there was the impact or influence of UIGEA in some reasons, some US states wanted to make festival of online betting site legal by taking the stand to create as well as implement the new laws that could support the activity. The first state of US that was successful to fight against the law was Delaware with Delaware Gaming Competitiveness Act.

Which US States Make Gambling Online Legal for Their Residents?

The Act will allow the online casino sites to begin their operations to serve people with the best gambling games. The second stated to follow was Nevada by making the announcement and it was just done by a week only. Beside that Nevada issued the license of online poker also. Nevada made the sbobet with online casino legal. After that, New Jersey followed by offering the online casino which was associated to the land-based casino placed in Atlantic City.

In 2013, the first sbobet site was launched in Nevada which was the Ultimate Poker that offered online room for poker. On November, the online casino site was also launched in New Jersey and Delaware and those 3 would never look back with their own decisions. Lucky for those who live in thoe 3 US states because they will find some perfect http://sbobetcc.net with perfect regulation and license under the state protection.